Walking Analysis


Through observation of a client’s walking patterns the podiatrist is given information that will play a role in achieving accurate diagnosis after which point development of successful management plan can be initiated. At Chatswood Podiatry the 2 methods of analysis are:

Treadmill Walking Analysis

Treadmill walking analysis is used to observe the foot throughout three important stages of the gait cycle:
1) Heel Strike
2) Mid-stance
3) Toe off

This information provides the podiatrist with invaluable data which will be later used in creating a management plan. Knee, pelvic and shoulder posture is also observed as foot function has a direct effect on these more proximal structures.

TOG Gait Scan pressure analysis

Tog forceplate computer analysis
Tog forceplate computer analysis

This innovative diagnostic tool uses 4046 sensors and a scan rate off 300 frames per second to measure the pressure underfoot throughout walking and standing. This provides the podiatrist with 3D information as to what areas are being overloaded or underutilised. These vital clues allow classification of foot posture from which action can be taken to allow more efficient walking patterns to occur.

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