Wart and Corn

What’s the difference between a wart and a corn?


Warts and corns are often confused because of their similar appearance. They are actually very different on a number of levels. Here are a few examples:

Cause: Corns are a direct result of pressure being applied to the skin, similar to callus. This pressure is often a result of prominent joints or ill fitting footwear. Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Transmission: Corns are not contagious, you cannot simply acquire one by being in contact with another persons skin. Warts on the other hand are. They can be transmitted via direct contact with another persons infected skin as well as indirect contact. An examples of indirect contact might include walking barefoot within a public shower or restrooms where HPV cells may be on the ground. Also sharing footwear or hosiery with somebody that has a wart infection may also allow transmission

Treatment: Corns need to mechanically debrided or enucleated by a podiatrist. The podiatrist will then discuss how to address the cause which may involve footwear change, padding or orthotic intervention. Warts require a combination of debridement, liquid nitrogen and salicylic acid on a weekly basis until complete extraction is achieved

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Posted by Luke Bortolussi: Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry)