Are flip flops and thongs bad for your feet?

Are flip flops and thongs bad for your feet?

In the warmer seasons thongs are popular due to the ease in which we can get them on as well as exposing our feet to some much needed fresh air. Whilst they can be useful down at the beach or when lounging around at home it is in your best interests to avoid thongs when we are going to spend long period of time on your feet. Here are some examples of some common overuse issues associated with this style of footwear:

1) Plantarfacitis: Due to the lack of support within the arch and the fact many thongs are completely flat it is not uncommon to develop pain in the arches of your feet

2) Painful heels: Often thongs have minimal padding under the heel which can traumatise the fat pad that protects the heel bone from ground force with resultant discomfort

3) Dry and cracked heels: Excess friction between your heel and the tong can lead to callus formation that with time can result in cracks which are often very painful

4) Achilles tendonitis: Due to the flat nature of thongs this can overload the Achilles tendon with resultant inflammation and pain

5) Forefoot pain: The lack of padding and support within the forefoot region of the thong opens the door to a host of painful forefoot condition including sesamoiditis and intermetatarsal bursitis

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Posted by Luke Bortolussi: Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry)