Treatment tips for Tinea infections

Treatment tips for Tinea infections

As the summer approaches the incidence of fungal infections increases. Footwear provides a warm and moist environment in which fungal organism flourish. Here are some tips to prevent and treat Tinea infections of the feet:

1) Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray: Tea tree oil has fungi-static qualities which if used daily after showering prevents and sometimes treats fungal skin infections

2) Salt water foot bath: Mixing ordinary table salt with luke warm water at the same consistency as sea water will help wash away any loose fungal debris in addition to addressing oily and moist skin that increases the likelihood of fungal infections

3) Over the counter anti-fungal creams: Products including Canestan and Daktarin are useful in fungal infections that are not able to be controlled by the two previous strategies. It should be noted it is useful to combine the use of these creams with a daily salt water foot bath

4) Oral medications: These are utilised in cases of severe infection that are unable to be treated with the above mentioned approaches. It should be noted this treatment requires subscription from a GP or Dermatologist whom will discuss as to whether it is appropriate to your case as well as possible side effects.

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Posted by Luke Bortolussi: Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry)